When deciding on a spa, gain as much knowledge of the spa and your own individual spa requirements, allowing maximum benefit of your spa experience. Here are a few simple steps to follow: 

  • What is the purpose of your spa visit? Do you want relaxation, revitalization, detoxification or just an energy boost?  Your purpose will influence your choice of spa and / or treatment. 
  • Where do you want to experience your spa experience? For example, in the country or an urban sanctuary – a little drive and change of environment is often the first step in a spa journey.
  • How much budget do you have available? Make your spa experience extraordinary regardless of your budget and budget up front.
  • Do you have specific product favourites that could impact on your facial treatments?  Ensure that the spa you have chosen for your visit also offers the products you prefer.

Once you have a clear definition of your requirements, ask for personal referrals from friends and family and look up comments on the internet via social media pages like Facebook or Twitter on the spa of your choice.