7th World Wellness Weekend: 15-16-17 Sept 2023


15-16-17 Sept 2023: celebrate the 7th World Wellness Weekend with 8,000 venues in 150 countries, or join 50+ ONLINE SESSIONS
There is no nobler mission in life than to encourage each & everyone to become the best version of themselves, (physically, mentally and emotionally) – Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of World Wellness Weekend
How do we define Wellness?
At World Wellness Weekend we define wellness as a responsible relationship between your body and yourself. Epigenetics shows that the way we live has a great impact on how our genes express themselves. How we sleep, eat, move, relax and socialize, either keeps body and mind in a state of vitality; or creates an imbalance with repercussions on our health. To find out more about how we define wellness, discover our 5 pillars of wellness.
World Wellness Weekend inspires & empowers millions of people around the world. We want to do this through thousands of FUN, free & meaningful wellness activities organized in more than 140 countries!
Our Aim
World Wellness Weekend (WWW) aims to inspire and empower people to make healthier choices and enjoy an active lifestyle with family & friends. The current health situation around the world reminds us how important it is to have a strong immune system.

Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, SDG 3 is Good Health and Wellbeing for All. In partnership with the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute, WWW encourages venues, groups, associations, federations, visitors bureaus and city officials to organize free, fun and creative wellness activities on the 3rd weekend of September. Just before the Equinox, when daytime & night time are equal, as a symbol for Work / Life Harmony.

Marisa Cachero Dimitriadis, Founder The Spa Consultants, joins World Wellness Weekend as Ambassador in SOUTH AFRICA and Francisco Caceres Garcia, Spa Director TAJ Hotel Cape Town, as Coordinator.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact the South African Spa Association and http://world-wellness-weekend.org/

For more information: http://world-wellness-weekend.org/
To get involved: contact the South African Spa Association