What are the Benefits of Membership?

In addition to Member Spa Certification, the list of Benefits for each member of the SA Spa Association is extensive, with new benefits being constantly added, we therefore encourage members to visit the website on a regular basis.

  1. Spa Association Logo and Digital Certificate: All Spa Association members are allowed to use the logo and certificate during active membership status on their website, collateral marketing material, promotions and client communication.  Credibility to the client is established, as each spa is site inspected and conforms to the code of conduct and passes the Site Inspection.
  2. Individual Spa Webpage on the South African Spa Association website, which links to your own spa website. The SA Spa Association website is dynamic, interactive trade and consumer website, regularly featuring press releases, new articles, spa therapies courses, job opportunities, Eco-Spa Initiatives, On-going training initiates, events, supported charities, and more. Therefore making it a highly visible space for your spa to be featured. 

Cost of initial set-up as per template is included in membership fee. Additional changes can be made at any point, and invoiced directly by the webmaster, Armitage. 

  1. Regular Newsletter and Updates through the Website and Facebook Page
  2. Regional Networking events: A discount, if applicable, for networking events with guest speakers on a variety of topics to assist spas with their operational, marketing and motivational aspects.
  1. Ongoing Educational and Empowerment Courses / Workshops: A selection of course are available, quality controlled and endorsed by the SA Spa Association. Liase directly with the respective companies listed on the website, for more information, costs, quotes, schedule, etc. Each course is managed and invoiced directly by the respective company. 
  2. Job Opportunities: Relationships have been formed with a number of recruitment companies and an open page for individuals to post job opportunities, so creating a collective portal for candidates to visit. No cost to the candidate, but sponsorship fees applicable to the recruitment companies and individual job posts. 
  3. Special Projects:  Special projects includes a variety of one off events, such as an exhibition, invitationals, Spa index or other Publications, and special opportunities for members to get involved by choice. 
  4. Social Initiatives: A selection of initiatives will be identified where members can contribute to, get involved and participate, or create their own initiatives. Examples, include: World Wellness Weekend, Global Wellness Day, 16 Days of Activism against abuse of women and children, Nosh, etc
  5. Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference, endorsed by the SA Spa Association: South Africa’s leading educational event for spa, wellness and hospitality professionals.
  6. Access to Extensive Spa Business Resources