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Getting the most out of your spa experience does not only depend entirely on your choice of spa, but very much on how you communicate your needs to your spa therapist and the spa reception when you are arrive. Keep in mind that ultimately the spa experience is about one thing: You. Your comfort, your goals and your peace of mind are at the heart of every spa experience.

So take some time to read about the tips and frequently asked questions which will support your choice for your spa experience helping you have a profoundly positive spa experience.

Before you go

Q: Why should I arrive at least 30 minutes prior to my treatment?2020-05-13T18:11:44+02:00

By allowing ample time to check in you afford yourself the indulgent space to decompress and start your spa journey. Once you have been directed to the locker room where gown and slippers are provided, you can leave your personal world behind and the action of putting on gown and slippers will increase your sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Now is the time to disconnect from your immediate thoughts and environment.

Q: Why is a consultation so important before I have my treatment?2020-05-13T18:11:38+02:00

If you forget to inform you therapist about your health conditions you could aggravate your condition and end up having a poor experience. By informing your therapist of any allergies and ailments beforehand, this influences the spa treatment of choice and ensures that your experience will meet your expectation and be beneficial.  Always inform the spa of special needs you might need to be addressed, such as pregnancy, heart conditions or food requests, such a diabetic diet to ensure a perfect experience.

Q: How do I choose the right spa for my needs?2020-05-13T18:11:32+02:00

When deciding on a spa, gain as much knowledge of the spa and your own individual spa requirements, allowing maximum benefit of your spa experience. Here are a few simple steps to follow: 

  • What is the purpose of your spa visit? Do you want relaxation, revitalization, detoxification or just an energy boost?  Your purpose will influence your choice of spa and / or treatment. 
  • Where do you want to experience your spa experience? For example, in the country or an urban sanctuary – a little drive and change of environment is often the first step in a spa journey.
  • How much budget do you have available? Make your spa experience extraordinary regardless of your budget and budget up front.
  • Do you have specific product favourites that could impact on your facial treatments?  Ensure that the spa you have chosen for your visit also offers the products you prefer.

Once you have a clear definition of your requirements, ask for personal referrals from friends and family and look up comments on the internet via social media pages like Facebook or Twitter on the spa of your choice.

Other pre-treatment tips

As the hydrotherapy facilities, such as the steam room, sauna, indoor heated pools, vitality pools, etc are often included in spa experience, it is recommended to always bring a swimming costume. 

  • Shower fresh. To allow products to absorb well, it is recommended that you take a brief shower at the spa before your treatment. 
  • Spas are meant to be relaxing and quiet. Cell phones, pagers and loud conversations are not appropriate. And, leave your PDAs in your spa locker or at home. This is your time to be away from outside distractions. 

Most spas are co-ed, but offer separate changing facilities for men and women.

Water and light snacks are provided in the relaxation room of most spas.

During Your Treatment

Q: If my therapist has upset me or is not giving me the right pressure should I tell her?2020-05-13T18:03:12+02:00

Your therapist will appreciate your comment as she can correct or improve what is worrying you and ensure that you get what you want. If you do not communicate your needs to your therapist she has little or no chance to correct the aggravation.

Q: Can I talk during my treatment?2020-05-13T18:02:49+02:00

It’s entirely up to you.  If you have questions or would like to talk certainly do so.  Staff will take their cue from you. If your therapist’s touch is too rough or too light – speak up!  They are there for you and their goal is to provide you with a perfect spa experience. Also, tell your therapist if the temperature of the room bothers you, the music is too loud, etc. If you have a particular injury or physical condition, explain it to the therapist.  They can suggest the appropriate adjustments or enhancements to treatments. The key to a great treatment is to communicate your needs so your therapist can address them accordingly.

After Your Treatment

Q: Who should I contact if my spa experience was not satisfactory?2020-05-13T18:04:35+02:00

Do Speak to a manager on duty, preferably before you check out.  Spa professionals care deeply about customer satisfaction and need to know about areas of concern or needed improvement.  By voicing your concern, you will allow the spa to address and correct any issues, and you give them the opportunity to make it right.  You are welcome to contact the SA Spa Association if your complaint is not suitably handled and they in turn will contact the spa and ensure the situation is addressed. 

Q: Why is relaxation so important after my treatment?2020-05-13T18:04:11+02:00

After your treatment you will be directed by the spa staff to the relaxation area. Please take time to enjoy the spa: relaxation areas, hydrotherapy areas and a little spa cuisine, as this relaxation stage afterwards allows your body to absorb the therapeutic benefits of the treatment and renews your energy levels.

Q: Should I allow my spa therapist to give recommendations and why is this necessary?2020-05-13T18:03:47+02:00

Good spa therapists will always give recommendations to support your wellbeing and suggest home care which is best for your needs.  Home care is vital for spa guests’ benefits to be realized consistently.

Sensitive Questions

Q: Are spa guests protected by the consumer act if their expectations are not met with service and products bought?2020-05-13T18:10:29+02:00

Yes like with any sale of service or goods purchased the Consumer Act protects all consumers and ensures that Spa guests are protected from unprofessional practices

Q: Are there rules and regulations that spas have to adhere to like basic conditions of employment and hours worked specifically for the spa industry for their staff?2020-05-13T18:09:32+02:00

Spas employers are overseen by the bargaining council BHSEA and provinces have different requirements for time off, leave allocations and staff remuneration.

Q: Health and Safety Regulations2020-05-13T18:09:09+02:00

A: Spas regardless of their position, area or size are bound to follow health and safety regulations as part of statutory legislation for all businesses.


Q: If spa websites over promise and have great pictures but do not reflect the offering advertised can I complain and who can I address my complaint too?2020-05-13T18:08:25+02:00

Ideally you should address this with the spa management; they might be in the process of changes.  If you do not get a satisfactory answer feel free to contact the South African Spa Association.

Q: If I noticed that my treatment was not consistent with my previous experience can I address this without making spa staff feel inadequate?2020-05-13T18:07:56+02:00

Yes do ask your therapist if the treatment has changed and if you are not quite happy with the answer address the topic with the spa manager. Most spas have feedback forms and if you feel you would rather address in this manner do so.

Q: Tipping in the Spa2020-05-13T18:07:26+02:00

The is entirely optional, if you feel the therapist has been exceptional, you are welcome to tip, at the recommended 10 – 15 percent. Tips should be left at the reception desk, which will have gratuity envelopes and pass them along to the therapist.

Some spas include gratuity in the price, so it’s always best to check before.


Q: Spa Nudity2020-05-13T18:06:46+02:00

A: Nudity is probably the aspect of spa-going that causes guests the most anxiety. Most therapists go to great lengths to maintain guest modesty, stepping out of the treatment room to allow you to disrobe and get comfortable under the sheet on the massage table. If you’re uncomfortable you don’t have to undress completely; it’s perfectly acceptable to wear underwear while having a massage.

Alternatively, spas will often supply disposable undergarments to ensure modesty.


Q: Cancellation policies2020-05-13T18:05:57+02:00

A: Be conscious that short-notice cancellations will probably incur a charge. Know the spa’s cancellation policies when you book and give as much notice as possible if you change your appointment plans.


Q: Male or female therapist?2020-05-13T18:05:22+02:00

A: It’s up to you. Spas make every effort to accommodate guest wishes in this regard. Keep in mind that at peak hours, it may be harder to fulfil your request. Remember to book in advance, if you prefer a particular therapist.





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