Project Description

Since the earliest time, Africa’s original inhabitants lived in harmony with nature. Inspired by the wisdom of traditional healers’ use of exotic scents and herbs with well-reputed healing properties and in celebration of Africa’s rich heritage and her connection with life, TheraNaka® is a range exploding with earthy richness and renewed life. From heavenly aromas to herbal purity this unique range is a mesmerising and innovative body and sense-soothing safari, replicating the earthy scents and the awe-inspiring wonder of this most profound continent.

This unique South African product range was established and came to life in 2005 after extensive research, delivering formulations rich in natural healing and soothing properties, where the finest African plant extracts and traditional rituals unlock the beauty of Africa.

At the heart of the TheraNaka® range are therapeutic essential oils that rejuvenate and restore balance to the body and mind. Each collection is meticulously formulated with a unique blend of carefully interwoven essential oils for a collective full body synergistic effect.

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