OPENING UP YOUR OWN SPA 101 The word “spa” has Latin origin meaning health through water thereby making the core of your spa business water treatments otherwise rather focus on opening or starting a skin and body salon.  So whilst water treatments or hydro therapy are the starting point in terms of treatment offering for spas there are a wide variety of services that the spa business can offer. The Spa business is still a GROWING INDUSTRY so make sure that when you embark on this exciting journey of starting a spa business that you ensure you are positioning yourself where [...]

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7 Steps to Owning a Successful Spa Business!


7 Steps to Owning a Successful Spa Business! By Robert Cass So you want to own a spa?  It’s a wonderful dream and goal. It is also an expensive, time-consuming endeavour that will require all the business acumen, talent, creativity, and determination that you have. In the early stages of deciding to build or buy a spa, it is vital that time is taken for careful planning and homework. All of the greatest ideas conceived will-at some point-still require the careful, and sometimes painful, process of putting ideas and numbers on paper. So why must you do this? To can give [...]

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