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Green Initiatives and Icons

Green Spa Committee

1.    Alternative energy generation and conservation

The spa establishes that it generates at least 20% of its own energy through renewable resources such as wind, solar or bio-gas, alternatively that it reduces, by the same percentage, its energy consumption. Energy reduction can be achieved in areas such as ventilation, cooling, heating, lighting and electronic devices. Consideration will be given to equipment and lighting with a small energy footprint as well as control systems that are in place specifically to manage and regulate energy consumption.


2.    Water conservation

The spa establishes that it conserves water by incorporating some of the following practices: grey water recycling; rain water catchment; reducing potable water consumption with dedicated equipment such as low-flow shower heads, dual flush or waterless toilets, an indigenous garden and that it has a dedicated water management policy and measurement systems in place.


3.    Green retail and professional products

The spa retail and professional products are predominantly natural or organic (preferably certified as such or otherwise absent of chemical fragrances, colourants, preservatives and petroleum by-products).


4.    Community involvement/fair trade

The spa is certified fair trade by the South Africa Fair Trade Tourism, or otherwise has comprehensive HR policies in place dealing with aspects such as skills development, employment equity, community investment and interaction and health and safety. The spa has a local procurement policy in place that accounts for at least 30% of total purchases.


5.    Spa kitchen

The spa incorporates exclusively seasonal and organic/biodynamic foods in its spa menu and provides meals that primarily reflects the local culture.


6.    Waste management

The spa incorporates and gives effect to a waste management policy that addresses the following aspects:

a)    reduction in consumption of paper, plastic and packaging,

b)    re-use of products and

c)    recycling of waste, preferably on- site.

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