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Spa Membership Categories & Costs


The following membership categories have been opened, but provision has been made for additional categories.

Spa Membership

Membership Fees
Day Spa Membership R 2 150.00
Hotel Spa Membership, including safari spas R 2 150.00
Medi-Spa Membership R 2 150.00
Destination / Stay Spa Membership R 2 150.00
Unique Spa Membership, including African spas, Thai spas, Moroccan spas, etc R 2 150.00

Group Spa Membership

Group Spa Membership applies to all above spa membership categories.  Full membership applies to the primary spa / head office R2 150.00
Spas 2 – 8 (rates per spa) R 800.00
Spas 9 – 14 (rates per spa) R 400.00
Associate Spa Membership  
Associate Spa MembershipIncluding beauty institutes and/or skincare centers offering spa therapies(Please contact the Association for fees pertaining to group associate spa membership) R 1 200.00
Wellness and Fitness MembershipGyms, sporting and wellness centers and slimming centers, sports rehabilitation, yoga centers, pilates centers, etc R 1 200.00

International Membership


International spas

Including, day spas, hotel spa, destination spas, medi-spas, unique spas and wellness centers, outside of the South African borders.
R2 150.00+ all travel costs for initial spa inspection

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership A company or person that offer products and/or services that deal with the spa industry, including equipment, recruitment, tourism and media R 2 150.00
Spa Consultant Membership R 2 150.00
Education Provider Membership A provider that provides accredited education and training programs that deal with the spa industry. R 2 150.00
Developmental Spa Membership  
Developmental Spa Membership Available to a spa under development in the process of attaining the Membership Criteria and Code of Ethics. The proviso of attaining the minimum requirements within 12 months exists.  R 1 200.00
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For more information contact the SA Spa Association on 011 447 9959 or e-mail: info@saspaassociation.co.za


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