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Kalahari Spa
Address 152 western service road, woodmead, sandton, johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel 011 656 4488
Email kalahari@kalaharispa.com
Website http://www.kalaharispa.com
Kalahari Spa was inspired by an extraordinary journey that started in the vast open plains of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Carina Franck, Founder and Director of Kalahari Spa International, grew up on a farm in the Kalahari Desert where the rolling sand dunes and expansive blue skies shaped her childhood playground. "From an early age I knew that the heritage of this magical land and its humble people was something that would be ingrained within my core." [more]
Address 28 Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch
Tel +27 21 886 6623
Email info@theravine.co.za
Website http://www.theravine.co.za
TheraVine™ is an innovative and world-renowned unisex Face and Body Spa product treatment range developed by a specialized team with extensive clinical and scientific studies. TheraVine™, developed in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands, is the culmination of extensive research and development over many years using sound international scientific research, advanced technological active ingredients to which the finest viticultural by-products from the Western Cape area are added to develop our specially crafted, extra-sensory health and skincare range.Our treatment-led face and body formulations contain the highest percentages of internationally acclaimed active ingredients to ensure powerful treatment performance for the spa and salon owner, and outstanding retail product performance for the end-user. [more]
Future This Consultancy
Tel 011 268 2360
Email renate@futurethis.co.za
Website http://www.futurethis.co.za/
Futurethis Consultancy (Pty) Ltd are distributors of selected high end products of quality. Our products are available worldwide. [more]
Tel 031 562 9876
Email info@aromasoothz.co.za
Website www.aromasoothz.co.za
Aroma Soothz is a local manufacturer and retailer of luxurious aromatherapy products. [more]
Guvon Spa
Address 1 Bosbok Road, Randpark Ridge
Tel +27 (0)11 791 1870
Email belinda@guvon.co.za
Website http://www.guvonspas.co.za
Spa visits are not only about pampering or maintenance nowadays, but has become an essential part of physical and mental wellness. [more]
Pevonia Botanica
Address 97 Elevation Road Randjesfontein, Midrand
Tel 011 314 2799
Email brisan@brisandistributors.co.za
Website http://www.pevoniasa.com
More than 10,000 of the very exclusive and top luxury SPA'S located all over the world at many of the most prestigious destinations, are fully committed to the Pevonia Brand and continue to pledge their success and profitability through Pevonia SPA-CARE. [more]
Clarins South Africa
Address 17A Scott Street, Waverly
Tel +27 (11) 809 6300
Email leratop@clarins.co.za
Website http://www.clarins.co.za
The Clarins Group has always made consumer safety a number-one priority. Believing in the true efficacy of plants, fifteen years ago Clarins decided not to use any ingredients of animal origin in its formulas. [more]
Address 41 5th Ave (corner of Thornton and 5th), Westdene
Tel 011 5342073
Email info@soylites.co.za
Website http://soylites.co.za
With around 20 unique essential oil blends our products will appeal to a range of scent preferences that will enliven your senses and enhance any space [more]
Cspa Aroma Wellness
Address No. 7, 11th Avenue, Corner 7th Street, Houghton
Tel (011) 880 3851
Email info@cspa.co.za
Website http://www.cspa.co.za/
CSpa product to ensure a multi-sensory, results-driven treatment. The CSpa Flower Teas and Inhaler sprits’ complete the wellness journey [more]
Green Spa Company
Tel 013 254 0769
Email mail@greenspa.co.za
Website http://www.greenspa.co.za/

For more information contact the SA Spa Association on 011 447 9959 or e-mail: info@saspaassociation.co.za


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