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Glasshouse: Rejuvenation for Men

Address Unit 110A, The Foundry, 74 Prestwich Street, Green Point
Tel 0214199599/8
Email info@glasshousemen.com
Website http://www.glasshousemen.com/

Twenty-first century guys no longer flinch at waxing or tinting. Sporting personalities such as David Beckham have become role models for the man who appreciates that personal grooming is an art of living that enhances overall well-being and optimises performance in a highly competitive world.

Glasshouse also caters for men who prefer removing excess hair to better present a gym-toned body. Pedicures and manicures are a logical extension of the grooming process and the all-male domain of Glasshouse ensures that first-timers feel comfortable in an earthy ambiance. While enjoying these treatments at the pedi-spa area, clients may relax with a beer or cappuccino and watch their favourite sport or news channels on a plasma screen.

Instant body bronzing is a safe alternative to direct sun or UV exposure. Many men also treat themselves to a pampering wet beard shave with hot towels. The most popular treatment is the hot stone therapy massage, which instills a profound feeling of deep relaxation.

Packaged treatments are offered to recharge businessmen who feel flat after a protracted corporate deal or even to add extra spring to red-blooded males on their way to a celebration! After a long-haul flight, an invigorating Glasshouse salt scrub and hydrating facial is an extremely effective way to counter jet lag and give your body the lift it deserves.

A Pit Stop Package has been created to rapidly re-energise those guys with time constraints, or alternatively there is the Rolls Royce Package, which is best described as a full body valet service.

Glasshouse is conveniently and centrally situated in Green Point at the trendy Foundry. With five treatment rooms and a staff providing personalised attention, its an intimate haven for the man-on-the-go wishing to indulge in grooming treatments in a discreet and elegant space where time seems to momentarily stand still.

Opening Times: Monday & Friday 9am – 7pm, Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 8pm, Saturdays & Public Holidays 9am -5pm.
A cancellation fee, of 50% of the full treatment cost, will be charged for all appointments not cancelled or kept at least 4 hours in advance. Late arrivals will result in a reduction of the treatment time whilst the full treatment fee will apply.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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