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Kitaka Eco Spa Consultants

Address Otto Avenue / Street Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp, South Africa
Tel 082-562-3621
Email eco@kitakaspa.co.za
Website http://www.kitakaspa.co.za

The growing trend for spas to sell “experiences” or “journeys” rather than simply treatment or service places spa and eco lodging establishments at the forefront of the experience economy. Customers today expect spas and tourist establishments to use green practices and to be more socially responsible. Benefits of an eco-spa and lodging establishments include eco-efficiency, quality management, license to operate, market advantage, reputational benefits, sustainable profits, community empowerment, social benefits and an increase in spa guests.
Kitaka Eco Spa Consultants transforms spas to not only exceed basic human wellness, but also to transform “conspicuous consumption and operation” from being a burden on the planet to being a sustainable aspiration.
Why transform into an eco-spa?
Eco-spas are naturally healthy
Eco-spas are more relaxing
Eco-spa treatments are more effective for long term health and beauty
Eco-spas put the body in harmony with nature
Eco-spas are very good business and provides a competitive edge
Our services includes

  • Basic and comprehensive eco assessments and recommendations looking at: the treatment menu, choosing green products, product innovation, biodiversity conservation, community initiatives, treatment rooms, conscious purchasing, waste reduction and recycling, green building requirements, energy, water, landscaping and exteriors, food service, marketing, people and training, packaging, internal air quality, clients and community (amongst other).
  • Benchmarking against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Sustainable landscaping.
  • Develop community empowerment and cultural programs to integrate into spa operations.
  • Supply bespoke natural products for your establishment.
  • Turnkey projects to implement green practices.
  • Provide eco recommendations on specific spa operations.
  • Develop eco training programs.
  • Eco-performance assessments and project implementation.
  • General spa operational efficiency and management.
  • Integrating spa treatments and facilities for kids and teenagers into existing and new spa facilities.
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For more information contact the SA Spa Association on 011 447 9959 or e-mail: info@saspaassociation.co.za


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